Window Films for Your Home
As much as 1/3 of your annual energy costs are lost through your windows. EnerLogic® window films are a simple way to increase your energy cost savings in every season. 
Benefits All Year Long
When you think of home energy improvements such as CFL lighting, insulation, and weather-stripping, think EnerLogic® films. Our films essentially give single-pane windows the annual insulating performance of double-pane windows, and make double-pane windows perform like triple-pane windows. They are the only window films on the market that offer this type of year-round performance.

Projected energy savings have been calculated using RESFEN software for homes with clear, single-pane windows.
Residential Window Tinting is the Smarter Way to Save
Residential window tinting with EnerLogic film transforms existing windows into energy efficient windows. By filtering out excess heat, glare, and Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, homeowners can see up to a significant reduction in yearly energy costs at a fraction of the investment of window replacement.
Money in the Bank
Over the product life of EnerLogic window films, homeowners with single-pane windows may expect to save an average of $3,500 on heating and cooling costs. That’s a great deal of savings on keeping your home comfy without costly or disruptive window replacement. It’s time to start saving with EnerLogic window films. 
Source: http://www.enerlogicfilm.com/home-use/overview
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